Hawley Retainers Handout pdf

The Retainer is an appliance used to maintain the correction achieved
through orthodontic treatment. Once finished with braces…


Spring Aligner Handout pdf

The Spring Aligner is an appliance that can be used on either or both arches to
correct minor anterior crowding and rotations. The Retainer is an appliance…


Invisalign Handout pdf

Please read this worksheet carefully. The most important variable for success of
your Invisalign treatment is…


Removable Maxillary Expander Handout pdf

The maxillary removable expander is a functional appliance used to expand
the upper dental arch by stimulating bone growth in the …


Forsus Handout pdf

The Forsus appliance is a fixed appliance that is used for dental correction of
anteroposterior problems in the dentition. The Forsus is used in…


Carrière Distalizer Handoutpdf

The Carrière Distalizer appliance is a fixed appliance
that is used for dental correction of anteroposterior problems in …


M.A.R.A.  Handoutpdf

The MARA is a functional appliance which creates a positional changes
of the lower jaw, posturing it forward over the period…


Twin Block Handoutpdf

The Twin Block is a removable functional appliance comprised of upper
and lower retainers which work in concert to correct a…


Holding Arch Handoutpdf

The lower lingual holding arch is a bar going across the lower
front teeth and held into the lower arch by being placed around…


Lip Bumper Handoutpdf

The lip bumper is a removable appliance, used in developing children, to create and
hold space for erupting crowed teeth. The appliance is used in the attempt to…


T.P.A. (Trans Palatal Arch) Handoutpdf

The Transpalatal Bar (TPA) is a fixed appliance that is attached to bands on
the upper molar teeth. The bar that sits across the…


Fixed Palatal Expander Handoutpdf

A fixed expander is a functional appliance used to widen the upper dental
arch by stimulating growth of the midpalatal suture. It is attached to…


TAD’S Handoutpdf

TAD’s are placed in the bone between roots of the teeth, or can be placed in
the bone at…


T.M.D. Handoutpdf

Temporo-mandibular Joint Dysfunction, or TMD, is a disorder which has a vast
variety of symptoms and causations. Symptoms range from popping, locking of…


Separators Handoutpdf

The bands are essentially metal rings that completely surround the teeth. Since most
people’s teeth do not have spaces between them, it would be nearly impossible to..


Facemask (Reverse-pull Headgear) Handoutpdf

Reverse-pull headgear, or a facemask, is a removable appliance used in correction of
a Class III skeletal malocclusion, due to an underdeveloped upper jaw…


Acceledent® Aura Handoutpdf

The AcceleDent® Aura is a device that has FDA approved to aid in tooth movement
and may decrease the duration of your orthodontic treatment and can even help to…


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