11 October 2013

Five Key Invisalign Teen Benefits

Invisalign Teen closely mirrors the traditional Invisalign system, but includes a pair of innovations geared specifically toward younger patients- compliance indicators and replacement aligners, said the Coral Gables and Miami orthodontics expert.


1- Compliance Indicators.

To address a common concern among parents regarding compliance among younger patients, Invisalign Teen created compliance sensors- little blue circles on the aligners that fade over time with wear- to ensure patients wear them as prescribed.


2- Replacement Aligners.

Another concern many parents have with Invisalign is what happens when their child loses one of their aligners. Grussmark said that surprisingly, that usually isn’t a problem. However, Invisalign Teen replaces up to six lost aligners free of charge.


3- Invisalign Teen treats a variety of conditions.

From overly crowded to widely spaced teeth, and from underbites to overbites, Invisalign Teen treats numerous malocclusions.


4- Benefits to the bone, gums and jaw joints.

Teeth that aren’t in proper alignment can cause pain in supporting bone and jaw joints and can cause abnormal wear to the teeth. Invisalign Teen can be beneficial in improving these conditions while gradually shifting teeth into proper alignment.


5- Oral hygiene is easy.

Having no metal brackets and wires to brush around, makes good oral hygiene with Invisalign Teen easy, says Maz Moshiri, an Invisalign premier provider in St. Louis, MO.


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