12 December 2013

Best and Worst Holiday Cookies for Braces or Invisalign

What are the Best and Worst Holiday Cookies?  Which ones can I eat while in braces or Invisalign?

holiday cookies

With the holiday season upon us, I wanted to check online to find some good holiday cookie recipes.  Using key search terms like “best holiday cookie recipes” and “top cookie recipes for holidays”, I started to realize there are many common cookies that keep making the list.  Yes…….sugar cookie cut-outs,  stained glass window cookies, gingerbread men, snowballs, etc…  However I did notice there are so many cookies that I have never heard of.

Is it a regional thing? A St. Louis thing? Are theses cookies heritage based? Are they new creations? What about if you are in braces Invisalign? Are there cookies not permitted while in orthodontic treatment?

So from the entire team at Moshiri Orthodontics, we have compiled a list of the MOSHIRI ORTHODONTICS HOLIDAY COOKIE FAVORITES list.  What do you think?  Do you agree?  Are we missing your favorite?

And to make sure the acknowledge the not-so-great ones, we have also created a “Top 10” of the worst holiday cookies too.


1. Sugar cookie (cut-outs)

2. Oatmeal chocolate chip

3. Pfeffernussen

4. Gooey butter cake cookies

5. Peanut butter kiss

6. Traditional chocolate chip cookies

7.  Peanut butter cup cookies

8. Snickerdoodles

9. Chocolate covered toffee

10. Powdered sugar snowballs


1. Peanut brittle (when burnt)

2.  Ginger snaps

3. Snickerdoodles (makes both lists)

4. Fruitcake

5. Walnut cookies

6. Thumbprints (did you wash your hands before shoving your thumb into my future cookie)

7. Spritz

8. Biscotti (that’s not even a cookie)

9.  Snowballs

10. Pecan short bread cookies

Please remember that some of these cookies may not be braces friendly, so BEWARE.  Those with Invisalign or removable appliances, please remove your appliances before eating and ALWAYS brush before reinserting.

For more tips on proper oral hygiene while in orthodontic appliances, visit us at moshtransfer.wpengine.com.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Moshiri Orthodontics!

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