24 April 2014

How long will I be in braces or Invisalign?

“How long will I be in braces or Invisalign?”

The #1 question that our staff at Moshiri Orthodontics hears from almost every new patient starting treatment is, “How long with my orthodontic treatment take?”.

It is a completely simple question and a very important one to be answered. However, providing an answer is not as simple as you may think.



Dr. Farhad Moshiri and Dr. Mazyar Moshiri utilize diagnostic records to determine a customized treatment plan for each patient that will provide a beautiful smile at the end. The bite, dental and periodontal health, as well as skeletal relationships are so varied that the answer to treatment length is not the same for everyone.

At Moshiri Orthodontics, patients can be in comprehensive orthodontic treatment anywhere from months up to a few years. It all depends on the degree of difficulty for their malocclusion and also their compliance.

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Aside from the time it takes to rotate certain teeth, close or open a space, intrude or extrude teeth, one of the biggest factors on treatment length can simply be the compliance of a patient.

So what are the “compliance concerns” that can affect treatment time?

Here is a list of some of the top reasons why you may be in braces or Invisalign longer.

1. Breaking brackets:

Whenever you eat foods that are sticky, chewy or hard, there is a great risk for brackets to pop off the teeth. Whenever a bracket comes off a tooth, it required additional office visits to repair the bracket and can require having to take a step back in a wire size. You always want to move forward and not having to take steps backwards.

2. Missing appointments:

We cannot progress your treatment and move forward if you are not there. By missing scheduled appointments and failing to schedule future appointments, your time in braces will take longer.

3. Not wearing your rubber bands/elastics:

Drs. Moshiri depend on patients wearing the rubber bands during portions of treatment to help move teeth in certain directions. We are not asking you to wear them “just because”. They are crucial to our work and to your future smile.

4. Bad brushing:

A dirty mouth and plaque build-up leads to inflammed and puffy gums. Your teeth will rebel and movement can be slowed down, due to poor oral hygiene.

There are so many factors that can play into the estimated treatment length for a patient. All that we ask, here at Moshiri Orthodontics, is for you to be as cooperative and compliant during your time in braces or Invisalign.

For more information on taking care of your braces or Invisalign during treatment, visit moshtransfer.wpengine.com.

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