19 May 2014

Orthodontics care and planning your summer vacations!

Orthodontics care and planning your summer vacations!
hygiene kit

As the school year comes to an end, many of us are making plans for summer vacations, sleep-away camps, sporting event, tournaments, weekend lake trips and much more. For all Moshiri Orthodontics patients in treatment and wearing braces, appliances or Invisalign……..don’t forgot about your orthodontic care. Being prepared for upcoming trips and adventures will ensure that you are able to maintain great hygiene as well as keep things from getting lost. Here are some tips to make your summer trips better:

1. Pack an “orthodontic hygiene” kit that contains the important necessities: toothbrush, floss & flossers, toothpaste, interproximal (tree) brushes and mouthwash.

2. Have a dedicated travel retainer case that includes your name/contact info and/or practice contact info. If the case is misplaced, the person who finds it will be able to contact you or our office to see that it gets returned.

3. Store retainers, Invisalign alingers or appliances safely away in their case during water sports or events. Appliances are at risk for getting broken, damaged or lost if they fall into a pool filter system or sink to the bottom of a pool or lake. The best guarantee is to store them in a safe place and out of harms way.

4. Bring extra goodies with you. If you are wearing rubber bands with braces or using “chewies” with your Invisalign, pack extras with you so you don’t run out. It would also be wise to pack extra wax for temporary relief, if needed.

5. Plan your upcoming visit around your summer schedule. You can let the staff at Moshiri Orthodontics know about upcoming trips planned and be able to coordinate future visits, accordingly. If you have any questions about planned procedures for your orthodontic care and how they will affect your upcoming trip, just ask us. The doctors do have goals established for your treatment, however there are times when considerations need to be made due to “what is best for the patient”.
Summer can be filled with events and adventures, just don’t let it be filled with lost retainers, poor oral hygiene and delays in treatment.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 314-4-BRACES (314-427-2237) or visit us at moshtransfer.wpengine.com.

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