19 June 2014

Summer Camp and Your Orthodontics

Summer Camp and Your Orthodontics!
orthodontic braces

Summer is here and many of our patients are heading off to summer camp. Whether staying in the St. Louis area or heading out of town, taking care of your teeth and orthodontic appliances, braces or Invisalign is VERY IMPORTANT.

The doctors and staff at Moshiri Orthodontics have a tips to remember:

1. Pack a toothbrush and toothpaste and take the time to properly brush your teeth and appliances at least three times a day. Great oral hygiene leads to a more beautiful smile.

2. Don’t forget your retainer cases to place your removable appliances or retainers in, during water or contact sports.

3. Watch out for the yummy snacks that can cause problems with your braces or appliances. Sticky, chewy and hard foods are still a “no no” while in orthodontic appliances. If you have options for camp snacks, please choose wisely.

4. Call us if something is poking, irritating or broken. Please don’t let time pass before calling the office to schedule a repair appointment.

We hope that you have a great summer break and enjoy camp. We just hope that you are taking care of your braces, appliances or Invisalign.

For more information about your appliances, visit us at moshtransfer.wpengine.com

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