30 June 2014

Patient Appreciation Event – Thank You From Moshiri Orthodontics

Patient Appreciation Event – Thank You from Moshiri Orthodontics
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The entire team at Moshiri Orthodontics wants to thank all of the patient and their families who attended our private screening of “How to Train Your Dragon II” on Saturday, June 21st at the Des Peres Wehrenberg theater in St. Louis. It was wonderful to see all those familiar faces at the Saturday morning movie event. There were patients in braces, some wearing their Invisalign and many who are showing off expanders and other fixed appliances.

We filled the theater of over 300 with Moshiri Orthodontics patients and their families. It was also wonderful for the staff members who were able to attend the event. We often see the patients during their appointments and spend most of the time talking about their appliance wear, braces, brushing habits , Invisalign aligners and compliance with doctor’s advice. Attending this fun event, gave the team members of Moshiri Orthodontics an opportunity to hang out with our patients without the gloves and masks.

Dr. Moshiri and Dr. Maz greeted the patients as they entered the theater and were also excited to see all of those familiar smiles. Dr. Maz expressed his gratitude for everyone who took time from their busy lives to attend the patient appreciation event.
Moshiri movie

Thank you our Moshiri Orthodontics families and we look forward to seeing you at your next orthodontic appointment!  For more information, visit moshtransfer.wpengine.com.

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