03 July 2014

Safe Smiles during the 4th of July weekend

Safe Smiles during the 4th of July weekend!


Keep that Moshiri Orthodontics smile safe this “4th of July”. It’ time for fireworks, parades, picnics, parties and everyone dressed up in their Red, White and Blue. As we celebrate Independence Day, we ask that all of our orthodontic patients stay out of the emergency room this “4th of July” by following a few safety tips:

*Observe the law in your area. Use only legal fireworks approved for use in your area.

*Keep small children away from all fireworks and parents keep watch over older children who want to handle fireworks. Try giving out glow sticks to the younger children to enjoy.

*Have a fire extinguisher and/or bucket of water on hand, just in case.

*Leave it to the experts. With so many fireworks displays scheduled to go off around the St. Louis area, you can see a great show without having to light one single firework.

*Keep a safe distance after the fireworks have been lit. If it doesn’t go off, don’t walk up to it to “check on it”.

* Don’t light fireworks at or near homes, dry grass, brush, people or other flammable things.

At Moshiri Orthodontics, we want you to have a safe and happy holiday. We look forward to hearing how your “4th of July” weekend went and would love for you to share your Moshiri Smile pictures with us.

Send us a photo of you flashing your braces, Invisalign or orthodontic appliances, during the “4th of July” holiday. We love to see that metal sparkle!

Have a safe and wonderful “4th of July” and Happy Independence Day from the entire team at Moshiri Orthodontics!

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