17 July 2014

Braces Friendly Food Recipes

Ice Cream with Fruit
At Moshiri Orthodontics, we have a list of foods on our “no no” list for braces patients and those wearing fixed appliances. With all of the don’t on the list, there are also may things are perfectly suitable to eat while in braces.

The food that are on the “no no” list are there for one simple reason. Those food, snack and candy items can stick to the braces, get caught in the appliances are are “hard” on the brackets and wires and cause damage or breakage to the appliances. Many things that braces patients are asked to stay away from are hard, sticky or chewy items.

When Moshiri Orthodontics patients are first getting their braces on, we recommend sticking with a softer diet that allows the patient to ease into their new life with metal.

Visit our “Braces Friendly Food” board on the Moshiri Orthodontics Pinterest webpage to see what recipes we have added. We also encourage you to share with us your favorite recipes.

Luckily our Invisalign patients and those with removable appliances do not have the same food restrictions. For more information, visit our website at moshtransfer.wpengine.com to see the list of foods on our “no no” list for braces or fixed appliance patients.

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