06 August 2014

Heading back to school with orthodontic braces

It’s that time of year when students are heading back to school with orthodontic braces, Invisalign or retainers in tow.

The doctors and staff at Moshiri Orthodontics wants your first days back to be happy, safe and memorable. However, keeping these few suggestions in mind will help keep you on track during the start of the new school year.

#1. Don’t forget your retainer cases! For those orthodontic patients with removable expanders, Invisalign aligners or retainers………those little plastic cases are your best bet for keeping your appliances safe from damage or loss. Keep your cases in a safe spot that you can easily get to at recess, lunch or during sporting activities.

#2. Create a routine for yourself. Try to keep your appliances safe by establishing a system that will allow you to always put your retainers in their case for safe keeping.

#3. Make sure your appliances are fitting well and you are wearing them as instructed. If your retainers are loose, there is greater chance for loss. At you next orthodontic appointment with Moshiri Orthodontics, make sure you ask the staff to adjust them so they will fit nice and snug.

#4. Bring extra wax, travel toothbrushes, mouth wash, etc… For those patients in braces. If anything is poking or bothering you, you may need to wait before you can have that taken care if. ALSO, please let our office know if anything becomes too loose or broken. Don’t wait until your next appointment.

For more instructions and help, visit out website at moshtransfer.wpengine.com.

Moshiri Orthodontics has been providing beautiful smiles I ver 30 years in the St.Louis, St.Charles and Springfield Missouri area.

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