01 October 2014

“Paint Your Smile Pink” with Moshiri Orthodontics

Paint Your Smile Pink” with Moshiri Orthodontics during the month of October to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

Moshiri Orthodontics and 3M is encouraging all of our patients who are in braces to ask for pink ties at your next orthodontic appointment, during the month of October. For each patient who proudly chooses to “pink out” their braces, Moshiri Orthodontics will donate $1 for Breast Cancer Research.

When patients get braces, one of the fun parts of having braces is all about the color ligature ties that are used to secure the wire into the bracket. Patients can select from a variety of colors and change them each time they come for an orthodontic adjustment visit at Moshiri Orthodontics.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, to bring understanding and support for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is also a time to support the family and friends who have a loved one fighting breast cancer now or may have lost a loved one. In addition to awareness, efforts are made to raise money for research.

As our way of showing our support and also donating the cause, we are asking braces patients to “Paint Your Smile Pink” during the month of October. Each $1 raised will go to Breast Cancer Research.

For those patients who are in appliances or Invisalign, we ask for your support by encouraging your friends or family members in traditional braces to “pink out” for a good cause.

For more information, visit our Moshiri Orthodontics Facebook page.

Paint Your Smile Pink” with 3M and Moshiri Orthodontics!

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