23 November 2014

Dr. Mazyar Moshiri awarded MDA Outstanding New Dental Leader 2014

Maz Moshiri MDA Award

The Missouri Dental Association (MDA) Awards banquet is hosted each year at the House of Delegates. It’s a special event where pride in the profession is on center stage.

In addition to recognizing members who’ve served on the Board or have reached milestone years of membership, the event honors three members for their contributions to the dental profession and their community—through Distinguished Service, Dentist of the Year and Outstanding New Dental Leader awards.

The Outstanding New Dental Leader award.

This year the MDA has recognized Dr. Maz Moshiri with The Outstanding New Dental Leader award. This award is designed to recognize a member of the MDA who has been in practice 10 years or fewer and has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, professional and ethical conduct, and volunteer activities in their community and organized dentistry.

Dr. Moshiri is an outstanding example of a New Dental Leader in organized dentistry. After graduation from orthodontic residency in 2008, he founded The Young Dentist Study Club of St. Louis the following year and remains its facilitator. He is an active member of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society (GSLDS) serving in a variety of ways, including as member of the GSLDS Board of Directors from 2010-2013, the Leadership Development Committee, the Council on National Children’s Dental Health Month, the

Executive Director Search Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, and the Council on Scientific Sessions. Additionally, Dr. Moshiri was a member of the MDA New Dentist Com- mittee (NDC) from 2010 until earlier this year, and remains an active member of the GSLDS New Dentist Committee, serving as Chair from 2010-2013. He worked with the GSLDS Membership Committee on the successful “Taste of St. Louis Dentistry” outreach to SIU Dental Students and assisted with the GSLDS New Dentist Team Building Event which recruited new dentists and dental students.

Dr. Moshiri participated in the MDA NDC Workshop facilitated by the MDA in August 2012, which resulted in the inaugural MDA Connect4Success New Dentist Conference and Leadership Academy. In 2013, Dr. Moshiri organized GSLDS as the host of a NDC Workshop facilitated by representatives from the ADA New Dentist Commit- tee. The workshop resulted in a structured, formal committee, ensuring the continuation of the committee and their efforts, as well as a leadership pipeline for both the committee and the society. He is also a current member of the MDA Governance Task Force, whose charge is to provide guidance on the improvement of the governance structure of the MDA.

Dr. Moshiri manages to serve organized dentistry in these ways and more, all while maintaining a private orthodontic practice, lecturing at numerous venues all over the country and raising a young family. Congratulations to Dr. Moshiri for being awarded the 2014 MDA Outstanding New Dental Leader Award.

About Dr. Maz Moshiri and Moshiri Orthodontics:

Dr. “Maz” Moshiri was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Having graduated from MICDS in 1998, Dr. Maz then traveled to Emory University to receive his B.S. degree in Neurobehavioral Biology. He then went on to obtain his Doctorate, Masters in Oral Biology, and Certificate of Advanced Training in Orthodontics from the University of Louisville. Currently  he is  teaching the proper use of the Invisalign appliance system at Saint Louis University.

Moshiri Orthodontics has provided quality orthodontic care to St. Louis for over 30 years. With dentofacial orthopedics (growth development), TMJ disorder therapy, cosmetic or traditional braces, and Invisalign expertise in St. Louis, our orthodontists strive “for a smile that lasts.”






We are all so proud of Dr. Maz for being recognized as an Outstanding Dental Leader.

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