28 September 2015

Propel® Orthodontics System Added To Accelerated Orthodontic Treatments


Moshiri Orthodontics Celebrates October National Orthodontic Health Month By Adding Propel® Orthodontics System That Gives Patients A Faster Smile

PROPEL® Orthodontics System Speeds Up Invisalign® and Traditional Braces Treatment Time Up To 50% Faster

Moshiri Orthodontics adds the PROPEL® System of innovative devices and procedures that helps shift patient’s teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible, speeding up braces or Invisalign® treatment by up to 50% faster. Speedier treatment time to beautiful smiles is now a reality for St Louis-area residents, in time to honor October National Orthodontic Health Month.

St Louis, MO – 10/08/2015 — Moshiri Orthodontics, a top Elite Invisalign® Provider in the St Louis-area, celebrates October National Orthodontic Health Month, by recently adding the PROPEL® System of devices and procedures as an inexpensive option for patients that helps speed up treatment time towards their perfect smile.  

When used in combination with current orthodontic procedures, including Invisalign® and traditional braces, PROPEL® System helps move teeth into their desired position 50% faster than teeth would normally move with Invisalign® and traditional braces alone. What this means for patients in traditional braces or using Invisalign® aligners, is less time in treatment.

“In our continuous effort to provide the best orthodontic care for our patients, we elected to include this latest technology that speeds up treatment and it couldn’t come at better time, during National Orthodontic Health Month this October. PROPEL® works with the patient’s own biology by stimulating bone remodeling, which allows a patient’s teeth to move faster and more predictably in their ideal position,” says Dr Mazyar Moshiri, a partner at Moshiri Orthodontics alongside his father Dr Farhad Moshiri.

“This innovative technology will allow us to provide effective and efficient treatment for our patients, finishing their treatment with exceptional results in less time and with fewer office visits,” adds Dr. Mazyar Moshiri.

An increasing number of adults are seeking the variety of orthodontic treatments available to straighten their teeth. A classically beautiful smile can improve one’s life socially, psychologically and functionally.  By utilizing the PROPEL® System, Moshiri Orthodontics can now help older adult patients who can no longer produce new bone to accommodate shifting teeth, as well as help produce faster results in patients whose bone growth is still active, such as in teens and young adults, whether using Invisalign® or traditional braces.
For more information and an educational video on how the PROPEL® System helps patients speed up the teeth straightening treatment process, visit http://SmileSaintLouis.com.

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