12 March 2016


It’s now possible for you to see what your smile would look like after Invisalign® treatment in 3D!

At Moshiri Orthodontics, we use progressive, state-of-the-art technology, the iTero® imaging system is the newest addition that will allow us to take a digital impression of your teeth and mouth. Digital 3D images of your unique surfaces of your teeth and your gum tissue are more precise and make it easier to produce your Invisalign trays. Patients are so happy with this new scanner because their consultations better than ever before.

The scanner is surprisingly comfortable so say goodbye to traditional, old-school putty-filled impressions trays!




With the iTero® digital scanner, Dr Moshiri can get a complete scan of your teeth in no time. With iTero® now available at Moshiri Orthodontics, you receive the following benefits:

  • No gooey, messy impressions
  • You can breathe and swallow normally
  • It’s Safe – no exposure to radiation
  • Generates a Perfect 3D image of your teeth
  • Digital Smile Simulation with 3D after straightening images
  • Most precise fit for your Invisalign trays
  • It’s Fast! – Your iTero® scan takes just about 5-10 minutes
  • The iTero 3D digital scan will provide Drs Moshiri with the info that will help you understand your current bite functionality and provide information about treatment that may improve your bite and smile

At Moshiri Orthodontics we invest in the latest technology to offer our patients the smile that is easier than ever to achieve with a safer and more comfortable experience.

Thinking about Invisalign?  Call us today at (314)427-2237 or Request an Appt for your iTero® Scanner and Digital Smile Simulation

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