25 June 2016

Dr Maz Moshiri Expert Educator for Invisalign


St Louis MO Orthodontist Dr Maz Moshiri, Top Invisalign Educator for Orthodontists

Dr Maz is a top national educator to orthodontists desiring to learn advanced-level treatments for Invisalign. Dr Moshiri has an extensive lecture schedule where he is asked to speak on various topics using Invisalign to treat difficult cases.  Dr Maz uses the Invisalign technology combined with his own advanced orthodontic expertise to treat those that other Invisalign providers may have decided Invisalign is not an option.  If it can be done with Invisalign, Dr Maz Moshiri will be able to help you achieve your perfect smile without braces.

The Moshiri family practice of caring individuals has been rated highly by patients for years due to their commitment to excellence and making the experience of orthodontics as fast and fun as can be.   Having the most advanced techniques, best staff and state-of-the-art technology allows Moshiri Orthodontics to achieve smiles that last in less time and in an enjoyable way.    Dr Maz and his family have a legacy of educating others at the local universities and continue to teach residents of orthodontics as well as at various conferences all year long.

Moshiri Orthodontics continuing with their legacy of excellence has invested heavily in new technology to enhance comfort, accelerated results, and the most precise treatment plans possible today. Learn more about the iTero Digital Scanner, Acceledent, and Propel as well as taking a look at the smile gallery the team at Moshiri Orthodontics has completed recently.  With the costs of braces today, patients want to know that their investment in their smile is the best one.  St Louis orthodontist reviews will tell you from real patients the experience you can expect here at Moshiri Orthodontics.   If it’s important to you to have the best smile possible with braces or Invisalign, you will want to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Book Your Complimentary Appointment Today for a Digital Smile Simulation and See if Invisalign or Braces is a better choice for giving you a Smile that Lasts.

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