03 October 2016

Moshiri Orthodontics Invisalign before and after pictures

Summary: Dr Maz Moshiri and the team at Moshiri Orthodontics have the technology and expertise to accomplish amazing results with Invisalign clear aligners instead of traditional braces.  Check out a few examples of great Invisalign cases that Dr Maz Moshiri completed recently.

Dr Maz Moshiri and the team at Moshiri Orthodontics take great pride in the ability to achieve excellent outcomes with the most difficult cases using Invisalign in advanced ways.  Dr Maz travels all over the country teaching other orthodontists how to use these techniques and is setting the standard for using this new technology in innovative and enhanced ways.  Invisalign can be used for more difficult cases and adults often prefer the convenience and ease of the treatment so they can get the smile they always wanted without anyone knowing they are receiving orthodontic treatment.

Here’s three more complicated cases that achieved excellent outcomes using Invisalign treatment from Dr Maz Moshiri here in St Louis.

Case 1

Treatment of sever upper and lower crowding and class III skeletal malocclusion (underbite). The patient did not wish to have jaw surgery for correction; thus Invisalign was used in combination with an upper removable expander, and one upper incisor extraction. Total treatment time was 3 years.


Case 2

Treatment of a skeletal crossbite with Invisalign combined with orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery, to widen the top jaw). Total treatment time was 2 years.ab-smiling


Case 3

Open bite malocclusion treated with Invisalign. Patient had her wisdom teeth extracted to help with treatment success. Length of treatment was 1.5 years.Invisalign St Louis Case 3

Want to learn more about if Invisalign is for you?  Moshiri Orthodontics is offering complimentary consultations now.  Contact us today by phone at 324-427-2237 or book an appointment online.  More St Louis adults and families trust their smiles to Moshiri Orthodontics for advanced care, just see what patients have to say about their experience with us by checking out our reviews online.

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