The retainer is an appliance used to maintain the correction achieved through orthodontic treatment. Once finished with braces, you will remain an active patient in our practice an additional 12 months for retainer supervision. Retainers are to be worn full time for one year, and thereafter to bed for a lifetime. Moshiri Orthodontics reminds all patients that the best way to guarantee individual results is if proper lifetime retainer wear is achieved.

Wearing the Retainer

To achieve maximum results, bone healing from tooth movement takes about one year to occur. Thus, retainers are worn full time for the first year, and then to bed for life.

Lisping and excess saliva are normal when first wearing your retainers. Practice speaking loudly and reading out loud. Your mouth will soon adjust to your new retainers.

If your retainer breaks or becomes lost, please call us at (314) 4-BRACES.

Download our Hawley Retainers handout for more information.

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