Dr. Farhad Moshiri’s Past Lecture Schedule
 (retired 2011 after 28 years)
Orthodontic Residency Program
University of Louisville School of Dentistry
(August through June of the following year)

August Principles of banding and bonding in orthodontics
September Clinical implications of craniofacial growth and development
A classification of malocclusion and normal occlusion
Minor surgery in orthodontics
Surgical orthodontic case presentation
October Early orofacial development
Midline diastema – Third molars
Orthognathic surgical records, diagnosis and treatment planning
Surgical orthodontic case presentation
November Development of cranial vault and cranial base-Abnormal development
Vertical dimension during orthodontic treatment
Review of orthopedic force in orthodontics
Maxillary protrusion─Bimaxillary protrusion
Surgical orthodontic case presentation
December The nasomaxillary complex
Extraction in orthodontics and problem of congenitally missing teeth
Mandibular excess
Surgical orthodontic case presentation
January Growth of the mandible
Rapid and slow palatal expansion─Histology of tooth movement
Mandibular deficiency and chin correction
Surgical orthodontic case presentation
February Development of tongue, tonsils and muscles of mastication, temporomandibular joint articulation and defects of orofacial development
Mixed dentition orthodontics and serial extraction─Space maintenance
Maxillary deficiency
Surgical orthodontic case presentation
March Regulation of skull development, late changes in face growth and stability of the craniofacial skeleton
Adult orthodontics
Vertical maxillary excess
Surgical orthodontic case presentation
April Root resorption─Enamel decalcification
Facial asymmetry and orthognathic surgery in patients with TMJ dysfunction
Surgical orthodontic case presentation
May Cleft lip and cleft palate─Interceptive orthodontics
Multidisciplinary approach in orthodontic treatment including ortho-perio interrelationship
Practice management
June Retention and finishing in orthodontics