Indirect Bonding Procedure

Direct Bonding Procedure

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After a thorough initial exam, and resulting diagnosis and treatment plan have been made, it’s time for your braces to go on! This is an easy, comfortable procedure that usually takes around an hour from start to finish. The steps for the procedure are outlined below:

  1. First, patients will need to have excellent hygiene before showing up for their initial bonding appointment for their braces.
  2. The first step in the bonding procedure is to isolate the teeth so the cheeks, tongue, and most importantly saliva do not get in the doctor’s way. To help us, cheek retractors are placed to hold you cheeks and tongue away from the teeth. Our cheek retractors have a built-in suction mechanism to help sweep your saliva away, keeping teeth dry.
  3. Next, we gently pumice, or clean, your teeth with a special tooth cleaning device known as a prophy cup.
  4. An etching agent is then applied to each tooth. This prepares the enamel to accept the bonding agents which hold the bracket to the tooth.
  5. After 60 seconds, the etch is rinsed off and a sealant chemical is applied to each tooth to treat the enamel so the light cured bonding material “sticks” to the tooth.
  6. The doctor carefully places each bracket in exactly the right place on the tooth with a small tweezer.
  7. The bracket is then checked for angulation, excess cement (glue) is cleaned away, and any necessary adjustments are made prior to the cement hardening.
  8. After all the brackets are placed, a soft, body temperature activated wire is placed and held in the bracket with a soft plastic ligature on each bracket. The ligatures come in various colors and can be changed at each appointment.