Moshiri Orthodontics is proud to be an Elite Provider of the Invisalign appliance system in St. Louis, Lake Saint Louis, Springfield and surrounding Missouri areas.  We take great pride in carefully planning your treatment with this customized appliance to help our patients towards their goals of beautiful smiles, and healthy, functional bites.

Furthermore, we are considered experts in the country for our skills and expertise with the Invisalign product. Dr. Maz is an AlignTech faculty member, lecturing across the country  to spread wisdom on proper use of the Invisalign appliance system. Dr. Maz Moshiri additionally oversees the Invisalign curriculum at the St. Louis University Orthodontic residency program.

Our practice has also authored several clinical papers for Invisalign and orthodontic journals regarding our clinical insights on Invisalign. Please find our lectures and papers highlighted below.

Online Lectures (Video)

ClinCheck: The Ultimate Tool in Your Invisalign Arsenal

The Open Bite Challenge: Techniques to Approach the Correction of Open Bite with Invisalign

Introduction to Invisalign G5 Innovations for Deep Bite

Leveraging Upper Molar Mesiobuccal Rotation for Class II Correction

Unlocking the Power of ClinCheck® Pro


Published Articles

Approaching Severe Deep Bite Treatment with Invisalign® Clinical Innovations

Consequences of Poor Oral Hygiene During Clear Aligner Therapy

Class II Correction with Invisalign®- Leveraging Molar Rotation

2019 Invisalign Lecture Schedule

2/15/19             Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club- Toronto, ON

3/08/19            Mexican Association of Orthodontic meeting- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

4/05/19            Brazilian Orthodontic Forum- Sao Paolo, Brazil

5/03/19            The American Association of Orthodontics Meeting- Los Angeles, CA

5/17/19            Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club- Nashville, TN

9/12/19           Orthopreneurs meeting- Dallas, TX

9/27/19          North Eastern Society of Orthodontics- Boston

10/11/19          Brazilian Association of Orthodontics- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10/18-19        The Mother of Pearls Meeting- Newport Beach, CA

10/25/19        Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club- Woodbridge, NJ



2018 Invisalign Lecture Schedule

1/19/18              Cleveland Society of Orthodontics Meeting- Cleveland, OH

2/2/2018           2018 North Carolina Associate of Orthodontists Meeting- Raleigh, NC

2/16/2018         Orthodontic Residents’ Lecture- University of Buffalo- Buffalo, NY

2/22/2018         Canadian Invisalign Expo- Banff, Canada

3/1/2018         Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club- San Antonio, TX

3/2/2018         Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club- Austin, TX

4/05/2018      University of Missouri Kansas City Alumni Association Lecture- Kansas City, MO

6/8/2018         Complex Invisalign Course- Novi, MI

6/9/2018        Ontario Association of Orthodontists meeting- Niagra, Canada

12/14/2018      University talk- University of West Virginia

9/21/2018      Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club- Milwaukee, WI

10/12/2018     Boston Invisalign Expo- Boston, MA

10/26/210      Complex Invisalign Course- Los Angeles, CA

11/02/2018       North East Society of Orthodontists Meeting- Mohegan Sun Resort Casino, CT

12/14/2018      University talk- University of Florida



2017 Invisalign Lecture Schedule

3/12/17             ” The Past, Present, and Future of Aligners in Orthodontics”- Ritz Carlton, St. Louis. OERF Meeting

3/13/17              Invisalign Orthodontic Lecture- Jacksonville University Orthodontic Residency

3/24/17             Invisalign Orthodontic Master Program- Part II, Orlando, FL

4/07/17             Invisalign Orthodontic Master Program- Part I, Nashville, TN

4/25/17            “Is the Future of Orthodontics Clear”. The American Association of Orthodontics Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA

6/02/17            Invisalign Orthodontic Workshop- Las Vegas, NV

6/16/17             Invisalign- Vertical Correction Course. King of Prussia, PA

6/23/17            Invisalign, Anteroposterior Correction. Rosemont, IL

6/30/17            Invisalign Orthodontic Master Program- Part II, Orlando, FL

7/14/17             Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club- Kansas City, KS

8/18/17            Invisalign Orthodontic Master Program- Part II, Nashville, TN

9/01/17            Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club- Charolotte, SC

10/13/17          Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club- Minneapolis, MN

11/10/17          Invisalign Orthodontic Master Program- Part III, Nashville, TN

10/27/17         Invisalign Orthodontic Study Club- Bloomington, Il

11/17/17          The Complex Invisalign Course- Orlando, Fl

12/1/17            Vertical Correction Invisalign Course-  TBD


2016 Invisalign Lecture Schedule

1/21/16             Ask the Expert Webinar- Unlocking the Power of ClinCheck® Pro

1/28/16            Invisalign Study Club- Nashville, TN

2/04/16            Invisalign Faculty Retreat- Phoenix, AZ

2/12/16             Acceledent Study Club- Westchester and New York, NY

2/19/16             Heartland Dental Forum Invisalign Lecture- St. Louis, MO

2/26/16            Invisalign Study Club-  Little Rock, AK

3/3/16               Invisalign Master’s Series, part II- New York, NY

3/10/16             Spears Seminar- Scottsdale, AZ

4/1/16               Invisalign Orthodontic Expo- Philadelphia, PA

4/7/16               New England Invisalign Orthodontic Expo- Waltham, MA

4/15/16             The Orthodontic Exchange Invisalign Meeting- Scottsdale, AZ

4/14/16            The Orthodontic Exchange Invisalign Comprehensive Colloquium- Chicago, IL

4/21/16             Invisalign Orthodontic Forum- Louisville, KY

4/29/16            The AAO Annual Session- Invisalign Booth lectures

5/6/16              Clear Techniques II- Tysons Corner, VA

5/12/16            The Invisalign Orthodontic Forum- New York, NY

5/20/16            Pacific Dental Meeting- Las Vegas, NV

6/17/16             North Carolina Orthodontic Study Club

7/8/16               Arkansas Orthodontic Study Club

7/15 -7/16         Los Angeles and Ontario CA lectures- Orthodontic Study Clubs

9/8/16               Invisalign Study Club  Salt Lake City,UT

9/16/16              Invisalign Ortho Study Club- Milwaukee, WI

9/22-23/16       San Diego and Pasadena CA lectures- Orthodontic Study Clubs

9/30/16             Invisalign Ortho Study Club Toronto, Ontario Canada

11/10/16            Mid Continent Dental Meeting St Louis, MO

12/2/16             Invisalign IOMP Course I  Orlando, FL

2015 Invisalign Lecture Schedule

1/16/15                Invisalign Faculty Retreat- Phoenix, AZ

1/30/15               Orthodontic Study Club- Houston, TX

2/06/15              Invisalign Orthodontic Expo- Orlando, Fla

2/27/15               Clear Techniques 2- New Orleans, LA

3/7/15                 Invisalign DSO lecture- Toledo, OH

3/20/15              Clear Techniques 2- Morristown, NJ

3/27/15               Invisalign Orthodontic Expo- Philadelphia, PA

4/10/15               Invisalign Study Club- Cleveland and Akron, OH

4/17/15               Clear Techniques 2- Denver, CO

5/8/15                 Invisalign Orthodontic Forum- Kansas City, KS

5/22/15               Invisalign Lecture- Saint Louis University

6/5/15                 Invisalign Lecture- Boston, MA

6/26/15              Clear Techniques 2- Sherman Oaks, CA

8/2/15                27th Annual Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program (GORP)

9/18/15              The Invisalign Eastern Forum- Palm Beach, Fla

9/25/15              Clear Techniques 2- Dallas, TX

10/2/15              Invisalign Study Club- Albany, NY

10/16/15            Invisalign Study Club- Orlando, Fla

10/30/15           Clear Techniques 2- New York, NY

11/6/15              Invisalign Study Club- Chicago, Il

11/30/15           Invisalign Lecture- University of Jacksonville Orthodontic Residency Program

2014 Invisalign Lecture Schedule

2/28/14               Orthodontic Education and Research Foundation, SLU
The Ritz Carlton, St. Louis. 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.  Is the Future of Orthodontics “Clear”?

Dr Maz Moshiri invisalign lecture

Invisalign lecture at the Ritz Carlton in St. Louis, MO.

3/21/14               Invisalign Study Club -Northern Arkansas

3/28/14               Clear Techniques 2 -San Diego, CA

4/4/14                 Invisalign Study Club- Dallas/Houston, TX

4/11/14               Clear Techniques 2- Omaha, NE

4/27/14               The American Association of Orthodontist Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA
Invisalign: Achieving Great Finishes with the Most Powerful Tool in Your Orthodontic Arsenal

5/09/14               Invisalign Study Club- Nashville, TN

5/15/14               Invisalign Study Club – Boston, MA

5/30/14               Clear Techniques 2- King of Prussia, PA

6/6/14                  Invisalign Study Club- New Orleans, LA

6/13/14               Clear Techniques 2- San Jose/San Francisco, CA

6/27/14              Clear Techniques 2- Sherman Oaks, CA

7/25/14               Invisalign Study Club- Forth Worth/ Oklahoma City

7/31/14               Invisalign Study Club- West Palm Spring/Fort Lauderdale FL

9/20/14              Washington University Dental Alumni Association Reunion, Chase Park Plaza Hotel

9/25/14              Invisalign Study Club- Columbia, MO

10/13/14            Arizona Orthodontic Study Club

10/17/14            Clear Techniques 2- Costa Mesa, CA

10/24/14           Invisalign Study Club- Atlanta, GA

11/21/14            Invisalign Study Club- Louisville, KY

12/12/14            Invisalign Study Club- Chicago, Il

2013 Invisalign Schedule-  All lectures provided by Dr. Maz Moshiri

The American Association of Orthodontist Annual Meeting, Philadelphia PA
Saturday, May 4th at 12:00pm
Invisalign: The Preferred Treatment for Open Bite Cases
Dr. Maz Moshiri

August 1st- Invisalign Study Club-Springfield, MO

August 2nd- Invisalign Study Club- Rogers, Arkansas

August 8-10- Invisalign Faculty Meeting- Sante Fe, New Mexico

August 16, 2013- Invisalign Study Club- Tulsa, OK

September 20, 2013- Invisalign Study Club- Memphis TN

October 17, 2013- Invisalign Study Club- Philadelphia PA

October 18, 2013- Invisalign Expo- Newark, NJ

All Day Seminar
Contemporary Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Dr. Farhad Moshiri and Dr. Maz Moshiri
Friday, November 1, 2013
The Ritz Carlton, St. Louis, MO

The Ask the Expert Webinar Series, Align Technology
12/13/13 with Dr. Mazyar Moshiri
Webinar “Clincheck: The Ultimate Tool in Your Invisalign Arsenal”